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Libby Heaney: Quantensuppe

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Hatje Cantz

Designer Hauser Schwarz


A lot is being invested in quantum technology and there is great hope and also fear that this powerful technology will revolutionize or endanger our future. Quantum computers function exponentially beyond the capacities of a digital computer. How does the quantum computer find its way into art? How are the microscopic phenomena of a plural quantum world reimagined in a seemingly fixed and boundaried macroscopic reality?

British artist Libby Heaney who holds a PhD in quantum information science and worked for several years as a quantum physicist before turning to art. This publication presents current works from her oeuvre, which the artist created using a quantum computer. In her artistic cosmos, Heaney makes the phenomena of a possible quantum world tangible and allows us to embody quantum immersive installations, game environments, virtual reality and glass and watercolour works. The themes addressed range from a more inclusive understanding of our environment to personal, emotional experiences. The publication documents current works from the solo exhibition "Quantum Soup" at HEK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel on the subject of quantum worlds and offers a scientific context in the understanding and discussion of quantum computing and art with text contributions.

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